The only meeting point between Industries/Commerce and Carriers
  • Free Use
  • Advertise your cargo
  • Be contacted directly by Carriers
  • Negotiation and payment directly to Carrier
  • Ensure payment of your sales, invoice to invoice
  • List your available Warehouses or merchandise you wish to store in external warehouses
  • Greater availability of Transporters
  • Legally validated transporters previously
Transport Companies
  • Free 5-Day Trial
  • View and trade cargo directly with Industry without intermediaries
  • Ensure payment for your services before performing them - valid for operations outside LN2W Online
  • Recover Overdue Invoices from Your Customers
  • Drivers List
  • Publish your available Warehouses or merchandise you wish to store in external warehouses
  • Industries/Commerce previously validated by your financial data
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Why LN2W?
  Professional Cargo
Access cargo directly from Industry and reach new customers;
  Payment Guarantee
Ensure your customers pay instantly (Valid for operations outside LN2W Online)
  Invoice Recovery
Access pre-litigation service at no cost and without risk. (If there is no recovery of values, there will be no cost - except non-Portuguese companies)
  Drivers List
Recruiting your team has never been easier, get in touch directly with available drivers.
  Storage list
Monetize your empty warehouse or find spaces to store your merchandise
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