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CargonetOnline launches 1 M € insurance
CargonetOnline launches 1 M € insurance
CargonetOnline announced this week the launch, of a € 1 million credit insurance for all users of the CargonetOnline platform.

According to the company, “the payment guarantee service is valid not only for operations that carriers or industries carry out through CargonetOnline, but also for operations completely unrelated to CargonetOnline. Through this partnership all CargonetOnline users can make a payment guarantee (Credit Insurance) on a single invoice, or several (National or International) ”.

“This operation is not only restricted to operations that are raised through CargonetOnline, but also to any other services completely unrelated to CargonetOnline,” the company further explains.

CargonetOnline is a web platform that links demand with supply in road transport and allows industry direct access to the transport market.
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