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Can I access the platform after registering?
Registration is Free!

Access to the platform will be pending validation by CargonetOnline, an analysis via Iberinform will be carried out and only trusted companies will be validated.

The registration validation will only be completed when the company sends an email to geral@cargonetonline.com with the following documents in pdf format:

- Licence of Transport ;

- CMR insurance or liability insurance for the transport of goods on behalf of others.
Can I insert cargos?
The publication of cargo to transportation companies is not allowed, as the platform only allows industries with a low or medium low default (analysis done via Iberinform) to publish cargo.
How to receive notifications of new loads?
LN2W allows you to receive notifications about new loads.

How to do it:
1 - Allow your browser to send you notifications from LN2W - when you login, your browser ask you if you allow notifications from LN2W, you should answer yes. If this question had nor appeared, you mus click on the 'lock' in the upper left of your browser, and allow notifications from LN2W.
2 - After that, you must keep loged in at LN2W - this way you will receive notifications in the lower right corner whenever a new load is add.
3 - If you have any doubt, you can contact us by e-mail or phone
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